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Online Arbitrage Deals for Amazon Sellers

Buy profitable Online Arbitrage Deals found by Professional Researchers.  

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Seller Assistant Deals
seller assistant deals

Buy Online Arbitrage Deals

Buy profitable Online Arbitrage Deals found by Professional Researchers.  

Seller Assistant Deals

Why Seller Assistant Deals?

Buy Online Arbitrage Deals you handpicked.

Safe purchase

Choose a deal to buy right on the website

Refund warranty

We refund your money if a product on the supplier's website is not as described or out of stock

Deal fits your seller account

Buy only deals available for selling on your Amazon Seller Account

Only Verified Deals

Deals are checked and verified by Seller Assistant Deals moderator.

Limited offers

Each deal can be sold only to up to 3 buyers each 30 days

Profitable deals

We show only profitable deals on website. Profitability calculated each day.

How it work

How to buy Online Arbitrage Deal?

Before buying Online Arbitrage Deal, you can see a lot of information like BSR, Category, Supplier's website, competition, etc. The product information will be revealed after buying an Online Arbitrage deal.

Before purchase

- Price graph
- Average 90 day BSR
- BSR and Category
- 30 day BSR Drops
- Average 90 day BSR
- Profit
- Quantity of FBM and FBA sellers
- BuyBox Price
- Cost of Goods
- 3PL costs
- Amazon Referral Fee
- FBA Fee
- Red Flags and Warnings (Oversize, Variation, Meltable, etc)
- Restrictions for your Seller Account (Brand Gate)
- Supplier's website link
- OA Deal Supplier's name
- OA Deal Supplier's message

After purchase

All the information before purchase plus:
- Link to the product on the suppliers's website
- Purchasing instruction, promocodes (optional)

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Buy Online Arbitrage Deals

seller assistant deals

Sell Online Arbitrage Deals

We buy your Online Arbitrage Deals

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For Sellers

Sell your Online Arbitrage Deals

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Do not waste your money on deals you are not going to use yourself

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You only provide us with your Online Arbitrage deals lists. We do the rest.

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Grow your Online Arbitrage Lists business with us.

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We handle sales and refunds

You provide us with your Online Arbitrage Lists, we sell it.

We keep your Deals updated

We update deals' information automatically daily.

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All deals are available in one place.

Happy customers

We sell only those deals that fit customers' Amazon Seller Accounts.

Only profitable deals

We automatically check your deals for profitability.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Online Arbitrage Deal (Lead)?

Amazon Online Arbitrage Deal (lead) is information about Amazon products which contains:
- Sales history on Amazon
- Price history
- Amazon Best Sellers Rank
- Category
- Product Restrictions and Requirements
- List of competitors
- Product Size and weight
- Model number
- Link to the supplier's website
- SKU or ID on suppliers' website
- Estimated Logistic expenses.
- Estimated sales on Amazon
- Profitability information (Profit, ROI, Profit Margin)

Who needs Online Arbitrage Deals (Leads)?

Online Arbitrage Deals (Leads) are demanded by Amazon sellers who sell existing products on Amazon.
Amazon Sellers hire Professional Researchers who do Product research to find products that meet the requested criteria.
Amazon Sellers use Online Arbitrage Deals (Leads) to make a purchasing decision. Based on Online Arbitrage Deals (Leads) Lists, Amazon Sellers prepare their Purchase Order.

Why do I need to connect my Amazon Seller Account

To offer you only leads you can sell on Amazon, we check your ability to sell products via your Amazon Seller Account before purchasing.

How can I be sure that I can sell a product from the Online Arbitrage Deal I'm going to buy?

We check your ability to sell every product from Online Arbitrage Deal via your Amazon Seller Account.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a refund within 7 days in case:
- An Online Arbitrage Deal (Lead) contains incorrect information
- The supplier sells a different product than described in the Online Arbitrage Deal
- The supplier sells the product with different price than described in the Online Arbitrage Deal
- The supplier does not deliver the product to your area
- The product is out of stock at the supplier
- You can not order a product from the supplier for any reason beyond your control

What is your service fee?

We charge 30% from Suppliers's deal price once a deal is sold